We Believe

Neighborhoods can no longer be thought of as individuals with many needs and problems, but rather as diverse groups of individuals with many gifts and assets. Every neighborhood has a unique set of skills and capacities that can be utilized for community development. Most neighborhoods address social and economic problems with only a small amount of their total capacity. SCHC’s goal is to engage everyone; everyone has something to offer! SCHC seeks to care for the whole person. True transformation occurs when every resident has access to opportunities that encourage hope and ensure their self-sufficiency.

Vision Statement

The Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center seeks to transform the community by sharing the love of Christ in word and deed, to facilitate community development and holistic healthcare through the empowerment of the residents in the community.

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A Variety of Providers

Because we have a variety of providers we can offer same-day or call-in appointments almost any day. What that means for you is access to great care in your community without having to wait all day.

Holistic care

We take a look at your total health to make sure you are getting the medicines and care that work for you. What this means for you is that we don’t prescribe medicine without understanding the impact it will have in your life.

Excellent standards of care.

SCHC is recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, which shows our dedication to providing you with the highest quality care. Our quality improvement team works to improve the healthcare you receive.