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Shawnee Community Garden of Principles

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In 2008, the owners of our beloved French Plaza, Ruth French and her husband, Tony, created
the Shawnee Community Garden of Principles directly across the street from our clinic. The
garden was created to bring the community of Shawnee together by providing community
members with good food and a “fruitful” hobby, pun intended. After a few years, the garden
grew bare and people stopped coming; fortunately, however, the garden was revitalized at the
beginning of the growing season this year thanks to the persistent efforts from Love Thy
Neighborhood intern Theresa Mince, who has been an intern here at SCHC since January of
2017, the Shawnee Neighborhood Association, and Mrs. Ruth French.

Season plot prices start at $15 (raised beds) and then move up to $25 (single, in-ground
plots) and then finally $50 (double, in-ground plots). There is also a community plot where any
community member is welcome to plant and harvest whatever they need. So far, the community
plot has produced a bountiful harvest of zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans, which
have been placed in the SCHC lobby for our patients to take home with them.
The Shawnee Community Garden of Principles has quickly become a welcome addition to the
Shawnee community, and we’re excited to share it with you! If you have any questions
concerning the Community Garden, please contact Theresa Mince by calling the medical office
at 502 778 0001 or emailing her at

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