Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center accepts Public Housing Tobacco Grant Initiative

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Jeff Vella, Health Systems Manager, Primary Care Systems of American Cancer Society, Inc. was pleased to share that  Shawnee Christian  has accepted the public housing tobacco grant initiative. “This is a great opportunity to help patients quit tobacco, improve health outcomes and strengthen-systems change and clinical processes,” he said.

This collaboration will start as a pilot program in six communities (one each in California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas), to help all interested residents get support to quit smoking. Approximately 34% of adults receiving HUD assistance smoke cigarettes, and residents of public housing are already at greater risk for several health challenges. This grant seeks to improve health equity among public housing residents while minimizing the potential negative effects on residents. By strengthening partnerships among residents, clinicians, public housing authorities, and other related organizations, this pilot program will help residents quit smoking and reduce their risk for a number of related illnesses.

Furthermore, this project utilizes the Project ECHO concept which utilizes grand rounds using a hub and spoke model. For example, health care providers from multiple locations (spokes) connect at regularly scheduled times with a team of specialists (hub) using multipoint videoconferencing software. During ECHO clinics, providers present patient cases to specialist expert teams who mentor the providers to manage patient needs. These case-based discussions are supplemented with short didactic presentations by the expert teams to improve content knowledge and share evidence-based best practices. Clinicians also receive free CME credits for participating in the ECHO clinics. Grant partners include the American Cancer Society, Robert Wood Johnson, Kentucky Quit line, North American Quitline Consortium and the UCSF Smoking Cessation Leadership Center. 

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