The first School Based Health Center in JCPS schools! This brand new school clinic is the result of a partnership
between The Academy @ Shawnee, JCPS and Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center.


Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center

Erica Mahone, BBA, DNP, FNP-C, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner / Clinical Coordinator

  • Nursing Services to assess symptoms (Headache, stomach ache, cuts and scrapes, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, etc.).
  • A Nurse Practitioner visit to treat an illness.
  • Sick Visits and Screenings (Strep Test, Flu Test, etc.).
  • Call in a Prescription, if needed, to the Pharmacy of your choice.
  • Health And Wellness education and promotion.
  • Sports Physicals for a $20.00 Fee.
  • If a student or staff is already a patient at Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center, appointments for preventive / well-child exams can be made at The Wellness Center @ Atkinson.
  • If your child already has a Primary Care Provider, The Wellness Center@ Atkinson will give you a summary of care so that you can follow up with your child’s Doctor/Nurse Practitioner.

Will there be a charge for services?

  • If your child needs to visit the Nurse Practitioner, The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will bill your insurance.
  • If your child has Medicaid, it pays for the full cost of the visit.
  • If your child has Private/Commercial Insurance, The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will bill the co-pay to the parent Or guardian.
  • If your child doesn’t have insurance, The Wellness Center@ Shawnee has a sliding fee discount program and other resources to help. The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will treat everyone regardless of ability to pay.

The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will provide services to any student enrolled at Shawnee, Regardless Of Age, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Race, Creed, Color, Religion, National Origin, Ancestry, Marital Or Parental Status, Physical or Mental Disability, Gender Identity or Expression, Veteran Status, Political Affiliation or Beliefs, or Criminal Record.

The Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center is a Religiously-affiliated Organization. However, The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will be operated on a non-sectarian basis and will provide services without regard to the Religious Affiliation, If any, of the child or the child’s parent or guardian. 

  • All students MUST have a consent form on file to see the Nurse Practitioner.

Please Be Sure Information Is Accurate And Updated – The Wellness Center@ Shawnee will call you if your child is sick, so having the correct phone number is very important!